2016 ford bronco

The number of vehicles on the road today has risen substantially from the number of vehicles there used to be a decade or two ago. The changing times has also seen a significant change in the choices and preferences of people around the world.

The rise in demand for strong and well built SUV has also increased. The past few years have seen many automobile manufacturers, who were mainly known for their sleek and sexy sedans and sports care, venture into the market of Sports Utility Vehicles and launch heavy duty vehicles with a lot of muscle and Bulk. This list actually includes the likes of Audi, BMW, Mercedes and other such high end names. Nevertheless, whenever the SUVs become the talk of the town, these is one which is always remembered or perhaps revered in nostalgic tones by many- the Ford Bronco!

The Ford Bronco was a Hulk of an SUV which dominated the roads for 30 years from the year 1966 to 1996. It was a 2 door SUV which was built keeping in mind strength and durability rather than style or sleekness. This SUV was increasingly popular amongst the people of that era. Even today, there are many people who consider it to be one of the best SUVs to be launched in the market. No wonder Ford is planning to bring back the beast in the market with its 2016 Ford Bronco concept car!

History Has It- The Evolution of the Ford Bronco

The American market has long been dominated by the trucks and SUVs made by Chevrolet. In the very beginning, the Ford Bronco was launched as a competitor to the small and light weight sports utility vehicles available at that time, like the Jeep. It was mainly a two door, four-wheel drive compact SUV. The Ford Bronco however, soon became its own competition with a major design change in the year 1378 imparting it a bigger size and heavier body. There are several generations of broncos which were on the road at that time. The earliest rendition of the Bronco was meant mores as an Off- Road Vehicle rather than an SUV. The earliest Bronco had a 2377 mm wheelbase which made it quite maneuverable but it found very restricted usage as a tow vehicle, which is an important aspect of off road vehicles. Nevertheless, the first design inception of the Ford Bronco actually paved the path for this SUV to become one of the Flagship Models of the Ford Motor Company, the other one being the Mustang. However, the Bronco’s frame, body and suspension is something unique and not shared by any other car of that company.

2016 ford bronco


The 1966 model

The engine of the 1966 model was a modified 2.8 L straight-6 engine which had solid valve lifters. This version of the car came with a number of attachments and options and could be changed and customized according to the owner’s needs. This adaptability of the care made it people’s top choice till the time Chevy introduced its popular SUV, the Blazer, which actually knocked the Bronco out of the league. Even though the Bronco was a really good car, it was no match for the full sized Blazer which comes with a number of improved features, like power steering. When the attempts of the Bronco’s manufacturers to upgrade the existing SUV fell short of its target, the company decided to go in a different direction and totally revamp the Bronco! And so the full sized, new and improved bronco was launched in the year 1978 and it ruled the markets till the year 1996, when it was discontinued to pave the way for a newer SUV, the Ford Expedition.

The new Bronco concept was designed on the lines of a full-fledged pickup truck. This SUV had a lot of similar chassis and drive train components with the F- 100 pickup truck. Moreover, it came with a removable top and a rear bench seat which could be folded in the forward direction, not unlike its competitor, the Chevy Blazer. It had a 5.75 L engine, with an option of choosing the 6.6 L engine as well. The thing to keep in mind is that this was also the era where the awareness about the harming potential of exhaust smoke was rising. Therefore, this model also say the use of catalytic converters to keep a check on the exhaust gases from the car.

Another major redesign in the Ford Bronco occurred in the year 1980, when the height of the car was reduced, keeping in mind the fuel economy of the car. It came with a 4.9 L straight-6 engine with an option of a 4.95 L or 5.75 L V8 engine. This car was one of the first ones to receive an automatic four speed automatic transmission and an electronic fuel injection system. Since the fuel injection systems reduced the power of the straight 6 engines, the manufacturers slowly shifted to the optional V8 one for all intents and purposes.

2016 ford bronco 1


The 1986 Bronco

However, there was a little slump in the Bronco’s performance in the interim years. The SUV was then again upgrade in the year 1992, this was the time when the Manufacturers of the car started more upon the aesthetic appeal of the car. Consequently, the interiors of the car were completely revamped to include a sweeping front-end, better and more comfortable interiors and even a new and improved dash! The safety features of the car were also upped, with the driver side airbags being used for the first time in the year 1994. The Bronco was finally discontinued in the year 1996 and the new and improved four-door Ford Expedition was launched in its place!

The Ford Bronco Concept 2004

After 1992, the news of Ford Bronco’s discontinuation came out, thus disappointing many. However, at North American International Auto Show in 2004, to the much anticipation of many, Bronco concept car was introduced. The major features introduced in the car included 2.0 L intercooled turbodiesel I4 engine, sexy round headlamps, box-like roof line amongst many other features. The car was supposed to have provided a better stability as well as offer amazing fuel economy. Nonetheless, this much hyped project was cancelled with the launch of 2013 Ford Escape. Thus, the production of new Ford Bronco 2016 became a matter of just discussions and never really saw the light of the day.

Will 2016 Ford Bronco Hoax Change Much?

Honestly, it is a very tricky topic, one that is best left to time. There is no telling the kind of buzz that had been created by just the mention of new ford bronco 2016. Ever since this news first started doing rounds among Ford fans, the air has been heavy with hopes and expectations. It, clearly, had been a long wait for the Ford Bronco fans and only they know how they had kept their heartbeats from soaring into the sky. All along, their minds has been bubbling with thoughts like what would the 2016 Ford Bronco interiors be like? Would it have the same aura? How about the performance? Would it still be a stellar machine? Lastly and most importantly, would it continue to make hearts skip a beat like its ancestors?

Such is the charm of Ford Bronco that it had a huge population biting their nails just to know whether or not Ford Bronco was going to return in reality or not. So, goes without saying that they were waiting for their heartthrob on the road, without extending their wait any longer. Thanks to the hoax, many fans must have surely felt like a long time dream was about to get realized but was shattered before getting realized. What added insult to this injury was the mention of the fact that the new 2016 Ford Bronco was going to be inspired largely by the Ford Atlas, another favorite! No wonder, the revelation of Ford Bronco 2016 being a hoax, didn’t go down too well with people. They were wondering if it would have been better to not wait so long when it wasn’t even going to prove fruitful. The story was made more credible because of the pictures of 2016 Ford Bronco. There were some amazing details that could be spotted there and made it even more irresistible. From a well-sculpted outside to the overall aura, the pictures revealed so much that it was more like teasing the fans. Some lost their hearts to the two-door configuration, while the others just to the name Ford Bronco, one that had long held their fancy. Many small details were also added to further the 2016 Ford Bronco hoax and make it so believable that there was no room for any doubts. Some fans were even informed that the 2016 Ford Bronco was not even going to be anywhere close to the 2004 concept that was unveiled for the masses. It was clarified that the upcoming machine was going to be a heavy-duty truck, one that can be trusted for whatever utility that might find its way into our lives. No wonder, the details added icing to the cake and made people more restless, only to disappoint them thoroughly. Or not.

After the furor that rocked the automobile market and the fans for so long, it has been reported that the much-awaited the new Ford Bronco will indeed return. It is difficult to tell whether or not people are relieved or cautious this time, considering the big news being a hoax. It is quite understandable if they are not ready to be as excited about the 2016 Ford Bronco as they were when they first heard about it. It is indeed surprising the kind of fan base Ford Bronco enjoys. Despite so many ifs and buts, there still are some loyalists who are waiting with a bated breath for the 2016 ford bronco specs. They are still enthusiastically gluing their eyes to the 2016 Ford Bronco pics, no end. There is no way they would give way to any doubt or bring down their enthusiasm because they are only too excited to know that the official website still is flashing images of the new Ford Bronco 2016. This has played an important role in ensuring that this time they be surer than they were, last time. Most of them are asking those who doubt the news – what do you have to say to the images on their website? Do you think the company would go as far as that just to keep the buzz going? Do you really think those pictures of 2016 Ford Bronco are not real?

It is actually the last question that moves most fans. Such is the loyal fan base that Ford SVT Bronco 2016 enjoys that it has turned into a rage even before coming into existence or hitting the road. Most fans are taking the company’s word for it. If they have seen it on their official website then there is no way it will be a hoax. At least not this time, many yell at the same time. Some stay quiet for they know only time will show. For now, they are only too happy to just hang in there and wait. Who minds waiting for a machine that has quite the impression in the automobile world? Even though there has been no official communication regarding the confirmation, the automobile world is rife with rumors even now. Nobody wants to let it rest. Everyone is restless, as they have no proof at all to either continue to hope or to totally discard all suggestions about the upcoming Ford Bronco 2016.

Now despite the hoax, fans are still keen on knowing about the features that the new Bronco is going to boost. Let’s just take a good look at the interiors, exteriors, as well as engine performance of this new SUV.



Bronco aficionados can expect the interiors to be nothing like what they have seen before in the earlier versions so far. The cabin of Ford Bronco has always been huge and quite spacious, and so is it going to be in the new Ford Bronco 2016. It is going to be more comfortable in the newer model, while accommodating five passengers easily. The newer version is expected to integrate advanced technologies such as touchscreen navigation system, wide LCD screens, as well as many other high-tech features. All this is going to make for a pleasurable ride for the Bronco lovers. Of course the hype surrounding this luxury is so huge that it needs to provide many attractive features to live up to the expectations. The 2016 Ford Bronco interior is also anticipated to have some of the best safety features which have never been bolstered by any other Broncos. It will have driving guides which would alert a person for changing lanes as well as veering off. Buzz is, the Ford Bronco is going to have wooden interiors which will offer a classical finish to the interiors, while the seats will be coated with leather of high quality. Even the luggage compartment is supposed to be huge enough to accommodate large equipment without any hassle. There are also going to be ample of cup-holders. Apart from this, the interiors are going to be flaunting impressive features such as satellite radio, new audio system, power windows, and many more.

In fact the reloaded version is going to compete with the likes of Jeep Cherokee and alike as far as the interiors are concerned. The interior trim is going to be extremely fashionable. Moreover, there will be air bags and additional features like stability control, towing, as well as engine immobilizer. All these features are going to make the luxury SUV, a perfect choice for the long road journeys.


Not just the interiors, even the exteriors of this solid 2016 Ford Bronco are going to be better and classier. The exteriors are going to have many improvements done as compared to all the previous versions. The body is quite up-to-date, probably in tandem with the 2004 model design. It is also been heard that the exteriors are going to be like the ones of Ford Atlas. One can also expect the Ford to have massive fenders as well as bumpers. There are also going to be amazing headlights and the Ford is going to be available in a host of colors in accordance with the latest times.

It is believed that the front part of the 2016 Ford Bronco SVT is going to have a chrome mask as well as dynamic fog lights at the bottom. Spectacular visibility is expected with telescopic mirrors adjusted in the SUV. The chances are very high that the Ford would be built using lightweight materials. Other than this, the exteriors of 2016 Ford are going to have rear bumpers of the same color as the body; though there is another possibility of them being chromed. Even the tailgate would open up electronically, with an option of dimming the big windscreen. Roofing racks on the roof are likely going to be added. Even the alloy wheels are going to be reworked in the new SUV. This Ford is going to be bulkier and way more powerful.

2016 Ford Bronco Engine, Performance And Fuel Economy


Well, the 2016 SVT Raptor Bronco is deemed to be one of the most efficient and powerful trucks to be released ahead in time. It is expected that the car will have three versatile engine options to choose from. The basic option would be 5.0-liter Coyote V-8 engine with 420 horsepower; second option will be 4.9-liter Powerstroke diesel V-6 engine with 330 horsepower; and lastly 5.8-liter supercharged V-8 engine which can produce 662 horsepower as well as 631lb-feet torque. The engine of this beast will be coupled with 6 speed 6R140 automatic transmission. It can even be coupled with 6 speed ZF6 manual transmission. Well, this is just the hype surrounding the car and nothing yet is official. So if SUV ever makes it to the market, the proposed 2016 ford bronco specs are going to be a part of it. Also, there is no confirmation on the fuel economy as yet.

While the sources from which details are pouring in have given their word that Ford Bronco is as real as any other desired machine, solely because of the lack of an official word from the company, there is no end to the controversies and rumors that are now ringing loud in the automobile market, Nobody knows for sure but as they say, any kind of publicity is good publicity. All the fans of 2016 Ford Bronco are convinced that they have no reason to put their minds to rest. They want to be at the heart of all discussions that have been initiated around the interiors and exteriors. For now, it continues to be a concept car, at best and that notion itself is enough to keep the rumors all fiery. Amidst all this, more information is pouring in and that too along with more specifications. What could keep the hopes high but persistent promise of Ford Bronco turning into a reality, if not now then perhaps in the near future!

Experts Say, Fans Hope For Ford Bronco 2016

On one hand fans are keeping busy with 2016 Ford Bronco specs, on the other hand experts are adding fuel to fire. So, expert observation has it that even though there are numerous takes for Ford Bronco, the truth is that it has been a rare sight in the market. This is a ground reality which no one can shy away from. It is something which even die-hard fans can not contest. Undoubtedly, there has been fade-out of the ever amazing vehicle especially after its production was halted by Ford. It has been almost 20 years but it still continues to be the hot topic among motor enthusiasts. However, we keep coming back to square one now, don’t we?  Despite all that has happened, which in any other case, would have worked against the brand, has only made Ford Bronco more popular, more talked-about and more desired. Take some time, go over all the motor brands you can think of and come up with one name that would have braved the hoax as nicely as 2016 Ford Bronco.

Chances are that there would be none. No other vehicle could have resurfaced from such a washout. Even after so many rounds of to and fro, the car continues to make its fans nostalgic. Yes, there were dark phases, not even a flicker of doubt there but all is well that ends well. Actually, it has not really ended in the real sense of the word. It is only going on and on, and making Ford Bronco more sought-after, day by day. Some are expecting it to be more masculine, others are placing their bets on a sleeker appearance. In any case, there is ongoing furor about all how’s, whys, what’s and ifs, the ifs being the center of such discussions. Well, what can we say and does it even matter if we get any confirmations? Probably not. Those who love the machine will continue with their affection and madness. And why not? Here’s the big news, or you can safely say the bigger news. Some little birdie has revealed that it is time to let the rumours around Ford Bronco 2016 rest, for there is a mightier version that might come our way as early as 2017. There, we caught you off guard.

If Not Now, Then Probably In 2017 

When it comes to madness about a certain machine, there is no logic that comes into play. There is no rationale that can ever get a chance. Classic example is the Ford Bronco 2016. For years at end, this one kept its fans waiting with a bated breath. There were relentless rounds of it not turning into a reality but no one paid heed. There were details that were tempting, there were promises of an interior that was enough to drive people mad and then there was always this huge cloud of doubt that hovered over all these nice things being only a sizable hoax. However, what takes the cake is the fact that not for a second did people discard all of it. The rumors continued as did the excitement. This has led us very interestingly to a turn where we are hearing that Ford Bronco 2016 is actually going to hit us as a more evolved machine, but in 2017!

Will it be as high on luxury as the 2016 Ford Bronco?

Will it have a superior built?

Will it have spectacular interiors, too?

There is no end to the questions that are lined up. And there are no confirmations, yet again but just hope that this time hopes will have a happy ending and finally, what has been keeping us all waiting for so long, will be in front of our eyes, taking the world in its stride.

The Highlights From The Long Wait For Ford Bronco

And you thought we were done? Well, not quite. We are as far from done as Ford Bronco is from the roads. This is one hell of a ride for all of us, meaning people who have been watching from distance and people who have been waiting with all their heart, keeping aside all logic.

Now an interesting twist to the whole story is what could have kept the fans interested for so long. Clearly, there is no dearth of new machines in the market, is there? Of course not. Every single day, new machines, which are way, way ahead of the 2016 Ford Bronco, are being rolled out. Even as you are reading this, some company, somewhere has created a machine that is likely to take everyone’s breath away. Isn’t that so? What could possibly be the reason that is keeping people interested and that too, for so long. In fact, we are not even talking about some odd years. We are talking about two long decades of continuous wait, confusion, hope then again wait. It is, indeed, very surprising that people are not letting their enthusiasm die out.

While it fetches a lot of admiration for the brand and proves that it does have a large loyal fan base, it also throws open for discussion an entirely new avenue – what makes the Ford Bronco so fantastically mesmerizing for people that they would rather wait without any confirmation than believe that Ford Bronco 2016 is never making its way into their lives.

A couple of reasons come to surface. This is, yet again, as the fan base has it. Nothing official about what you are going to read. Mind you!


That is one of the major reasons why fans cannot get rid of their hopes. From whatever they had heard in the recent past, they had their hopes pinned on to the performance of this killer machine.

There were a lot of reliable sources of information that kept feeding this hope with details that promised the performance of the 2016 Ford Bronco was going to be totally out of this world, one that could have easily given other machines a run for their money. This seems quite whimsical given that the engine specifications were not even revealed. Perhaps, all that was ever circulated in the name of rumor was just a figment of someone’s imagination. But who can stop people from going crazy over their favorite machine? And there seems to be no harm, really. At least, there is constant buzz, there is unstoppable energy regarding the performance, even regarding the engine, which, as we have heard, was to be available in three variants. Three variants, you heard it right. That it was also expected to be more fuel-efficient is just one of the many things that made the fans clutch their hearts and drop to their knees.

And we cannot blame them, at all. If a heartthrob that has been sorely missed on the roads by its wide fan base promises to return with so many highlights, nothing short of excitement is anticipated. No one cares that these could have no base at all, let alone these could be gimmicks to keep the conversation going. Well, for the machine’s fans, nothing really matters as long as they are left alone with their anticipation and hope that one day their dream car will turn into a reality and give them the ride of their lives.


Though this seems highly unlikely but we are sharing with you only what we have heard from reliable sources, not to mention a lot of fans. There were some guesses about the cost of Ford Bronco 2016. It is so difficult to believe but we are taking it into account because nothing about this power machine can be insignificant.

That it was and will be a concept car is understandable. Since there is nothing that we have heard from the company, we would still go with common sense and believe that 2016 Ford Bronco was a concept car. When people were still coming to terms with it, the specs rolled out, making them even more restless and adding to their anticipation. And these were not just any specs, we would like to point out to you. These were specs that were tempting enough to make any one’s jaw drop right to the ground and we are not even exaggerating. If you read the piece carefully, you would know exactly what we are talking about. Who can resist those kinds of features? Who could possibly do that? Definitely not the die-hard fans of Ford Bronco 2016! If anything, it made the machine more desirable and turned it into some kind of a phenomenon, one that they are totally in the awe of. On that very note we would like to add that there isn’t even a figure that we can quote here as the price of the Ford Bronco 2016. For all we know, it is in the bracket that puts it out of reach of many people. But that has not made any difference. There are as many guesses about the 2016 ford bronco price as there are people. No one can say for sure, just like Ford.


This may seem like a far-fetched explanation as to why Ford Bronco 2016 fans are still hoping fiercely. However, you never know with passion. It is capable of giving people immense patience, too.

So, some experts are of the view that only because 2016 ford bronco release date kept shifting constantly, the fans kept waiting. Over a period of time, it turned into a habit and now it has reached a point where they refuse to let go of their hope. There are people who have actually kept their fingers crossed even now. No one clings on to a hoax. Everyone remembers rumors about the Ford Bronco 2016 and accordingly they have a shifting belief around it which keeps them going. In fact, it is an interesting case for studying consumer behavior. All they need is a rope to hang on to, whether it is engine specifications, some amazing details about the interiors or exteriors and they would discard every doubt around their favorite.

This aptly explains how the Ford Bronco 2016 fans have been carrying on for so long. Every time they heard some spectacular detail about the machine, they did not really care if it was a part of just another hoax coming their way. Very focused on their expectation, they believed that the Ford wonder would eventually turn into reality. Two decades is just about as long as we have heard the rumors and yes, there was a slump too, off and on. However, the silver lining to this cloud is that rumors are still entertained, specifications are still anticipated and 2016 Ford Bronco release, in all its avatars, without any confirmations, is still loved, unconditionally.

The Way Forward For Ford Bronco Fans

There is no method to this madness and all of us would agree. It all boils down to having some form of buzz or the other. Monotony is not entertained and it holds true for the motor world too. There are a number of explanations stemming from behavior of consumers and the pattern that motor world follows. And, there is a simple explanation that just points at one thing – everyone needs something to look forward to. Life is no fun if we are certain. This is exactly why most brands spend a significant sum of money and time and invest resources to be talked about. Whether it is through gimmicks or through offers or through hoaxes (especially in this case), no one cares because it doesn’t matter. Everything works just fine if the end result is a huge population hoping against hope that a certain product will come to life, sooner or later. In case of 2016 Ford Bronco, it was undying belief that set the stage for the machine’s long winding story. So, even though the date shifted almost every day and the details were shared and then discarded on a regular basis, we are still where we were when all of this started.

Now, as the center stage is taken by another rumor of 2016 Ford Bronco hitting the road in 2017, it can be easily said that performance and details aside, what takes the cake towards the end of the day is a simple buzz. Ultimately, it is the fans who turn this buzz into a real thing and fuel their own hope. Nonetheless, as far as 2016 Ford Bronco is concerned, it is, by far, a saga of solid trust and endless wait that even the worst of hoaxes couldn’t challenge. Other motor brands can either turn green with envy or learn a lesson or two!