Wanting a sports car ever in your life? Well, 2015 Ferrari 458 Italia is the best one for you. It is the boldest and sexiest of all car models. Its color red signifies fire and passion which will make your dreams into reality. It will still be an eye catcher for the year 2015. But what’s new with Ferrari 458?

2015 Ferrari 458 Italia

Also known as 458 Italia it has a V-8 engine, a horsepower of 562 and a torque of 400 pound per feet. It is lighter compared to other versions of Ferrari. Its cockpit is driver centered and has excellent steering wheel experience.  Its gives you that satisfaction that you want to experience behind the wheel.

2015 Ferrari 458 still comes with its classy and original color combination which is red and black. Making it look fresh, bold, sexy and fiery. Inside the front seats, gives goose bumps just by staring at it. The seats give comfort while you drive. It’s a master piece for almost all of the sports car in town.

Ferrari Italia Front Seats

The sound of the engines are quite impressive due to the two exhaust placed at its back end. It is noted that it’s the supercar because of its design, performance and sound. Surely, sports car fanatics will love the new Ferrari 458 Italia.

Ferrari 458 Italia gives balance, stability and speed. It carries a speed of 202 mph; bad thing is that it’s thirsty for fuel. Fuel economy has not given any focus when it comes to this car but will amaze you on how it runs for speed!

458 Italia Interior

If you want one of the new Ferrari Italia it may cost approximately about $290,000.00-$350,000.00. It’s a sports car worth buying for! Good for people who are single and want to be an eye catcher on the streets. Good for people who loves to race and experience the “fear for speed” thing.

Ferrari 458 Trunk

New 458 Italia is easy to navigate from turning, breaking and even speeding up. Hearing the engines sounds mimics the feeling that you’re on a race track. Its fuel type is premium against other cars which uses unleaded. It is a coupe type vehicle which gives sport performance. It has 2 seat belts and 4 air bags for safety precautions. It can only accommodate 2 seats at the front and can reach a top speed of 325 km/h.

Ferrari 458 Italia

2015 Ferrari Italia surely attracts attention but costs a lot when it comes to maintenance. This car model is luxurious and will surely stun by standers. With the engines airy sound and great interior design, it will surely give you the thrill to race and brag! Having an original exterior design, Ferrari Italia is a unique model to have and will surely wow the crowd!

It is not only for speed, it also gives performance; quality features and gives a memorable experience while driving. New 458 Italia is the new innovative car model that will give the “fast and the furious” experience. Need for speed no more with 2015 Ferrari 458 Italia!